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Questioning History July 17, 2008

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The heads of the martyrs of Karbala

I cannot help but weep over Islamic History.
A recent whirlwind journey, through the Middle East, reconnected me with our glorious, and not so glorified, past.

Whilst it was spiritually rejuvinating, to walk in the footsteps of many a prophet (as), visit their tombs, and revel in knowing that they were aware of the journey we made to be at their side, it was equally unsettling, no make that…angering, to visit the various sites related to Karbala, the day the skies wept blood for Imam Hussein.

It went something like this, “the head of Imam Hussein was carried this way”, “here is the blood of Imam Hussein”, “here is where his head was kept”, “here is the grave the baby martyr”, “here is where the heads of 16 martyrs are buried”, “here is where their heads were hung on display by Yazid”, “here is 3 year old Ruqaya, who was offered her fathers head to eat”

Any person who tries to cover up the ugly truth of Islamic History, be cursed.
If the own flesh and blood of our Prophet (saw) could be ravaged in such a way, we must realize something was, and is, terrible wrong. The magnanimity of the situation is very grave, when the person who the Prophet (saw) himself said about, “Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn, Allah befriends those who befriend Husayn and He is the enemy of those who bear enmity to him”, could be so brutally murdered, along with his family, men women and children, and then Muslims throughout history, till today could write it off, so non chalantly, as a small mistake, not worthy of analysis.

We need to ask ourselves, how did things go so horribly wrong, when did such moral anarchy creep into Islam, and why does it exist till today, that when anyone questions the horrendous event, or champions the cause of the Ahlul Bayt, it suddenly becomes a “sunni vs shia” issue. This is a sneaky attempt a avoiding the truth, and turning it sectarian, instead of seeing it as it really is, the power hungry vs the rightful heirs, because really, when it comes to the family of the Prophet (saw), no divide (should) exists…

Imam Hussein said, “People are slaves to the world, and as long as they live favorable and comfortable lives, they are loyal to religious principles. However, at hard times, the times of trials, true religious people are scarce”.

Who do we choose to be? Those who accept the status quo of modern day Muawiyas and Yazids, so long as our lives are cushioned, or do we choose to be the Husseins and Zaynabs, by practicing Islam honestly and sincerely, to do what is right irrespective of the consequences, and fear no one except Allah?


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  1. Shan Says:

    Good article, east to west , north to south, name of Hussein is the point of unity among religions, colors, cultures, casts.http://baghdadtobasra.blogspot.com/2009/01/hosay-or-tadjah.html

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