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That time of year, foresighted. August 31, 2008

Filed under: poem,Ramadam — Safiyyah @ 10:18 am

The moon has been, with anticipation, sighted.

Food and drink, in daylight hours, by the faithful, hereby blighted.

Hearts, with Gods flame, are ignited.

Believers, to His house, for the standing, become united.

The poor and downtrodden, their woes, highlighted.

Guests amany, for His pleasure, invited.

His book, in countless voices, recited.

The beloved messenger, and his struggle, knighted.

This poem, to Him, with gratitude I do ”writed”.

For this month, again, I am delighted.


4 Responses to “That time of year, foresighted.”

  1. Zubair Habib Says:

    Heart with God aflame…i aspire to this…

  2. Noorjehaan Says:

    🙂 loving the spirit

  3. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    go to http://www.fisabilillah12.wordpress.com and write comments. Ramadan mubarak to you safiyyah.

  4. Khadija Says:

    Instead of palatably sincere, I’m going with palpably sincere today. Msh’Allah 3leik!

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