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The Waning Moon September 21, 2008

Filed under: eid,night of power,Ramadan,reflections — Safiyyah @ 12:43 pm

The cycle of the Ramadan moon and the human spirit, so intimately imitative. As the new moon is born, so are the hopes, spiritual vigour and excitement of the believers. So too, does our worship and exertion increase, reaching its apex in the middle of the month, when we are robust with the serenity of resistance, and so to, do we go into seclusion, in the last third of the month, our energies drained, but our spiritual awareness sharp, as we seek out the night of power. Just like the moon, we emerge from Ramadan, new again, afresh for the year ahead.

We have entered the last 10 days of fasting, or rather the last 10 days have caught me unawares. As our Qiyam lengthens, and our supplications plead, to catch but a moment of the night that is better than a thousand nights, I am also saddened to see the waning moon, as this means, Ramadan is departing from our midst’s. In reflection, this Ramadan has given me the opportunity to experience three different countries and cultures and reconnected me with my spiritual heritage. It has allowed me to express my culinary skills, reunited me with family and introduced me to so many a new sister. It has seen me engrossed in uplifting books, and it has given me the discipline I so desperately sought. Accept my gratitude oh Ramadan!

It is the thought of Eid that lifts me up, the day when all our sacrifice and toil, culminate in a celebration of life, love and laughter. The day when the Ummah gathers together for a unique prayer, in which the Takbir is declared with both submission and pride.


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