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Saying Goodbye September 30, 2008

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An overwhelming sadness has shadowed me.

With only hours left, bidding Ramadan farewell is like watching a beloved friend suffer through their last moments on this earth. Slowly and painfully the hours move, as we try to hold on to those last few precious moments, to capture them to memory so that we will not forget. On the one hand, I wish keep to death at bay, to prolong this relationship, but on the other, I know my dear friend must go, so I can learn to live without it, as I have lived through it.

Like every year, I ask myself, have I made the most of this month, have I strenghtened my bond with my Creator, has my love for the Prophet (PBUH) increased, do I understand more of my Quraan?

Like every year, it seems progress is slow, but this year I will not be too hard on myself, instead;

I will grateful that I had the opportunity to fast, being young and healthy whilst so many are ill and I will be grateful that not only was I able, but free to fast, as so many in China were not at liberty to.
I will be grateful that I was able to afford the Zakaat and Fitrah, as so many in this poverty stricken world have not.
I will grateful that I had a meal for every Suhoor (dawn meal) and Futoor (dusk meal), whilst many go hungry.
I will be grateful that I could sleep, pray and eat in peace, whilst so many in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Bangladesh had to trudge through bomb blasts, earthquakes and floods.
I will be grateful to have hosted guests, whilst those in Gaza could not upkeep their tradition of hospitality due to sanctions.
I will be grateful that I could read and understand the Quran, whilst children remain illiterate throughout the world.
I will be grateful, that I have a whole extended family to spend my Eid with tomorrow, whilst millions of refugees are severed from their families, through war, poverty and oppression.
I will simply be grateful, to have lived and loved, through this month.

We should all take something away from Ramadan with us. I hope to take with me the perseverance of Qiyam!


2 Responses to “Saying Goodbye”

  1. This is a beautiful post, especially all the blessings to be grateful for. Inshallah, may Allah have accepted al your ibaadah made during Ramadaan.Also, thanks for your comment on my post… What was the name of the movie that your saw?

  2. Safiyyah Says:

    it was called “khuda ke liye”, an urdu movie, the screenplay was rather amateur but that speech at the end made watching it all worth it!! will try to send u the script

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