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When hope is massacred January 8, 2009

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My thoughts strayed tonight whilst washing dirty dishes,
to the bride of Gaza, and her shattered dreams,
the white dress, turned to ashes.

To the anxious groom,
who will not smell her sweet perfume,
as he untangles her hair.

To the expectant mum, and her swelling womb
which holds one more soul, for Israel to steal
or as I pray, to bring peace to full bloom.

To the proud father,
who will never hold his daughter
or hear her laughter.

To the newborn baby,
who will never wear the hat
his grandmother lovingly knitted

To the student who was supposed to graduate,
but will never receive his certificate

To all these the people who normally symbolize life and hope in society
the bride and groom,
the pregnant women and first time father,
the newborn,
the student,
who were all slaughtered,
please ask Al Ghafur to forgive me, for writing this poem
and for letting you die.


2 Responses to “When hope is massacred”

  1. SubhanAllah..We are judged by our intentions, and may Allah accept ours and keep them clean.. And as you say, may He forgive us for not doing more to save their lives.. But try we will and on we will go..Ibn Kathir's tafsir on the Virtues of Martyrs: http://www.tafsir.com/default.asp?sid=3&tid=9857Many of the memories we cherish, we will leave behind – I remember my own husband untangling my hair and myself as a bride too – subhanAllah, they are rich snippets of my life – and many of us.. And today, I am reminded of their irrelevance..I like this post..

  2. Reblogged this on thinkinginblog and commented:
    Written by Safiyyah Surtee

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