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Engaging the Qu’ran in Ramadan June 21, 2015

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As Salam Alaykum

The beauty of Ramadan is the time, openings and depths of clarity it allows in our understandings of Qur’an, the worlds we find ourselves in and our own inner states.

Insha’Allah I hope to, briefly, share some of my own reflections on these concepts which I have been contemplating on from Qur’an –

Oneness – Tawhid
Signs & Symbols -Ayaat
Faith – Iman
Peaceful Submission- Islam
Excellence – Ihsan
Higher Consciousness – Taqwa
Trust – Tawakkal
Gratefulness – Shukr
Patience – Sabr
Seeking Forgiveness & Returning to Allah – Istighfar & Tawbah
Purification – Tazkiya
Worship – Ibada
Remembrance – Dhikr
Righteous Action – Amal Salih
The Soul – Ruh
The Self – Nafs
The Heart – Qalb
Purification – Tazkiya
Knowledge & Intellect – ilm & Aql
Accountability – Hisab
Prophets – Anbiya
Creation – Khalq
Relationships & Fellowship – Ukhuwa
Justice – Adl
This Life & The Afterlife – Dunya & Aakhira
Light – Nur
Mercy – Rahmah
Love – Hub


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