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Constructing Identity: Loud Whispers, Lasting Echoes

Oneness – Tawhid June 21, 2015

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Your God is One God, there is no God but the All-Merciful, All Compassionate” (2:163)

Oneness pervades the universe, infuses the created order with its mysteries, its simplicity and its complexities, its Mercy to all and Compassion to each.

Oneness is the foundation of existence, its essence and its aim,

“It is He Who has brought you into being from a single soul: here is a place of sojourn and a place of departure: We detail Our signs for people who understand.” (6:98)

Oneness saves us from otherness –

Oneness is to look at the world through the lens of al-Wahid – the One …. so the millions upon millions of fragments we have shattered it into can be whole again – so we can be at one, at peace – with history and both its beauty and its horror, with the earth and its rythms, with humanity and its differences, with life and its course, if we look through and for One then,

“Wheresoever you turn, there will be the Face of Allah” (2:115)

Please share with me your reflections on Oneness!


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